About us

PRENTOSA, S.L. is a Spanish Company that specializes in processing seafood, focusing on aquaculture products from Asia, mainly India.

Products sold under our principal brands PRENTOSA and LIBERTOS are sold to consumers in the United States and Europe with Spain being our biggest market.

PRENTOSA specializes in Vannamei shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei). Our primary product is the raw frozen head on, shell on (HOSO) shrimp sold to Spanish and European shrimp cookers. PRENTOSA works directly with some of the largest vannamei producers in India, based in Nellore, India. We also work with producers in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Gujarat.
In order to ensure the best quality, PRENTOSA works with producers with their own closed cycle system. They operate with their own hatcheries, laboratories, feed mills, ponds and processing plants with the best freezing technology.

Thanks to this tight quality control system, PRENTOSA has become the leader in the production of raw frozen HOSO vannamei shrimp in India. We have been able to maintain the rigorous standards that the cooked shrimp industry in Europe requires.

Other vannamei products produced by PRENTOSA are Head Less Shell On shrimp (HLSO) and a full range of value added tails such as PUD, PD, PDTO, EZEPEEL, etc.

PRENTOSA also distributes seafood from Asia like pangasius and Corvina as well as cephalopods like cuttlefish, squid, etc.

Through our 10 year journey as a company, PRENTOSA has worked hard with the best in the industry and mastered the quality along with competitive pricing required to work in a global marketplace.




Prentosa S. L.